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Photo Gallery

Scenery Scenery Small waterfall This is one of several waterfalls on the property. It is a short walk (or drive) from the brick suites, and a bit farther from the log cabin. 130406544 Large waterfall This is one of the largest waterfalls on the property. It is closest to the brick suites, but can also be reached from the cabin with a longer walk or drive. 130408393 Sunset Near sunset behind the brick suites 130408394 Path in summer This is a great walking path near the brick suites. 130413742 Creek A view of the creek near the brick suites 130413743 Bottom in winter This bottom is near the brick suites. 130413922 Path in fall Walking path near brick suites 130413923 Path in winter Walking path near brick suites 130413924 Rock in woods in fall Near brick suites 130413925 Woods in fall 130413926 Deer at cabin in summer 132411983 Before the storm Summer 2015 has been one of the wettest on record. 199157502 Field 199157503 Paths 199157504 Trees and field 199157505 Fireplace and marigolds 199157506